July 17, 2018

Car detailing of classic cars

Is your vehicle making a funny noise as you drive down the road? Maybe, you are already at the point that your vehicle is not able to move? As mileage increases on our vehicle,
drive train components will start to show signs of wear leading ultimately to an eventual breakdown. At times, leaving you with a tough decision on whether to repair your vehicle, or replace it. There are a number of things to consider when making this decision:

  1. Do you still owe money on the vehicle?
  2. What is the condition of the rest of the vehicle in?
  3. How much longer is the vehicle expected to last?
  4. Evaluate the value of the vehicle against. the cost of repair

Letting a qualified technician evaluate your vehicle is the place to start. Otsego Auto Care is ready to help by evaluating the situation and if it makes sense, we will fix your power train components whether it is a repair or replacement. At times, what looks to be a MAJOR problem, really ends up being not as major of a problem as people think.

By letting our mechanic evaluate your vehicle will help you decide which direction to take regarding your transportation needs. If you decide to repair your vehicle, we are here to help whether it is U-joints, drive shaft, engine, transmission, transfer case or differentials, whether needing repair or replacement, Otsego Auto Care can take care of the issue.
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Our Services

• Washing
• Waxing
• Polishing
• Scratch removal
• Interior cleaning
• Carpet shampooing
• Headlight reconditioning
• Paintless Dent Removal
• Windshield Replacement
• Leather & Fabric Repair

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Client Testimonials

"I had to return my car to the dealer for my end-of-lease and Matthew completely detailed and shampooed my car. Best service I ever received. Definitely will come back!"

- Hans Desjarlais


"I hadn't cleaned my car in over 5 years. It's been over two weeks now and it still smells brand new and looks great! The service was super friendly and efficient."

- Melissa Santori-Sansfacon