July 17, 2018

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“The world’s fastest car.” A coveted title that has belonged to cars driven by electricity, steam and jet engines. Here is the list of the last hundred years speed record where you can also read about a speedy record attempt in 2016.


The world’s fastest car in 1899 ran at 100 km / h

Belgian Camille Jenatzy was the first to push an automobile in which the crazy speed of 100 km / h with his electric car, 1899.
Since then, both the techniques and the speed undergone a tremendous development and almost a hundred years later sat RAF fighter pilot Andy Green’s record when he ran away at supersonic speed in the car Thrust SSC in 1997.
Now, the same Andy Green on the track again. The new record attempt in 2016 he will try to give the Bloodhound SSC title of world’s fastest car by reaching up to 1000 miles per hour, or a little more than 1 600 km / h with the help of a rocket engine.
RECORDS LIST: “The world’s fastest car” for 100 years

Speed ​​The records have always been dominated by British and American cars, so we have focused on setting records in miles per hour (mph) – the first car of 100, 200, 300 miles an hour, and so on.
Below you can see who has been the proud holders of record titles:

● 1893:
The French car Jentaud, driven by Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat is the first to set a land speed record. The car runs on electricity and reaches a speed of 63 kilometers per hour.
● 1899:
Belgian Camille Jenatzy driving the car Jamais Contente and is the first to reach the speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
● 1904:
The car Gobron Brillie is the first car to drive 100 miles per hour or more than 160 kilometers per hour.
● 1906:
Amerikaneren Fred Marriott control the Stanley Rocket car that runs on steam. They set the speed record 199 km / h – a record that first turned one hundred years later.
● 1927:
Sunbeam 1000 HP becomes the first car ever to run at a speed of 200 miles per hour, equivalent to a rate of just over 320 kilometers per hour. The car driven by Henry Segrave, who later died during a record attempt with the boat Miss England II.
● 1935:
The speed record reaches up to 300 miles per hour (or 480 km / h) when the Bluebird run by Malcolm Campbell set a new world record.
● 1963
Craig Breedlove reaches of the Spirit of America up to a speed of 500 miles per hour (or 810 km / h). The car ended up in a salt lake at the end of rekordförsöktet after eight kilometers long skid marks when the brake screens were torn off the car. Record attempt was not recognized officially because the car only had three wheels.
● 1964:
Donald Campbell driving in his father Malcolm Campbell ruts in the car Bluebird CN7, and reaches a speed of 652 kilometers per hour.
● 1965:
The Spirit of America Sonic 1 is Craig Breedlove on the track again, this time with a faster car that reach over 600 miles per hour, before it becomes aerodynamically unstable and overturned at a speed of over 1000 kilometers per hour.
● 1983:
The car Thrust 2 is run by Richard Noble and reaches a speed of 1 027 km / h and thus return the speed record for the British after they belonged to the Americans a long time.
● 1997:
The new Thrust SSC car with Andy Green behind the wheel succeeds thanks to its two-Spey turbofan jet engines that break the sound barrier and reach a speed of 1227 kilometers per hour.
● 2016?
With Bloodhound SSC project Andy Green wants to try to increase the current speed record of over 300 km / h to 1000 miles per hour, or over 1600 kilometers per hour. Behind the tried, the same British team who together survived the 1997 record.
Rocket Car roars into the record books

Follow all the way behind the wheel of the Bloodhound SCC, which in 2016 will try to reach the 1000 miles per hour with the help of their combined jet and rocket engine and become the world’s fastest car


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