July 17, 2018

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Computers will turn upside down the way we drive. It will be easier and safer to move around in traffic.

Should you in the car and tell you where to go. Sit back in the seat and relax, while your car safely take you to your destination. You do not touch either the steering wheel or pedals while driving. Instead, you can use the time to read the newspaper or take a nap.
So is the future for motorists. The drive will not only be less demanding and more pleasant. It is also much safer, because the computer systems are faster than humans to detect and respond to dangerous situations. Hopefully, the technology can help to reduce the high number of road deaths – die every day, more than 3,000 people in road accidents worldwide.
Radar, laser and GPS’s eyes

The self-driving cars are already a reality on a trial basis. In the United States and Germany are experimenting for the full, and Italian robot cars have made the trip from Italy to China. Modern technologies, such as advanced laser and radar systems, video cameras and GPS, ensures that the cars will find the way, stop at red lights and not collide with anything or anyone on the road.
So far, the automated vehicles always had a ready man sitting behind the wheel when they have moved around in traffic, among other road users – a person who can intervene if the car does not behave as it should when something happens unexpectedly.

Even if you managed to make travel on over 100 mil through both rural and urban areas without human intervention, there is still some research and development, before they self-driving cars become everyday. Long before we can fully release the steering wheel, a wide range of new technologies to revolutionize the way we drive. Safety, for example, to increase the system that makes it easier to navigate without need to take your eyes off the road.

Data on the windshield

A large part of the traffic accidents are due to inattentive drivers, looking away from traffic, and this may be a so-called head-up display (HUD) may be helpful. Instead of looking at the dashboard to get information on the speed or route the driver all important information projected onto the windscreen, as he is already looking out of. Well notice, it will be in the form of a semi-transparent image, so that he does not overlook anything.
HUD is a technique that was first used in aircraft, but that is now getting into cars. Some expensive models are already equipped with framrutedisplay, which can inform the driver about the speed, route (via GPS) and traffic conditions, for example if there is overtaking ban.

See through darkness and fog

The existing HUD systems are still fairly simple, but the technology is developing rapidly. The car navigation system, for example, to be more intuitive to use, if, instead of arrows at the bottom of the front window is presented to a line that looks as if it is floating over the road – as if only to follow a cable, which is stretched over the entire box .
The US company MVS is in the process of developing such a system called “virtual cable”. Here you can see the driver in the front window at all times a red line marking the route, so that he never has to take his eyes off the road.
New, compact laser projectors can create moving images in color directly on the front window, and the really interesting is that, when the driver can get the information from the car’s various sensors that way. Even now there are cars that warns if you’re about to run into something or involuntarily begins to change lanes. In the future, motorists closest super senses in the form of sensors, for example, makes it possible to see at night and in fog.
Using technology as infrared cameras, radar and laser car can scan the surroundings better than humans can, in each case under difficult conditions.
The car’s driver can, for example, get up before shown how road curves further forward, even if he can not see it with my own eyes. Colored curves in the front window can highlight the road’s edges, making it easier to stay on it. Automaker General Motors is currently working on developing such technology.


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