July 17, 2018

Car detailing of classic cars

The route is mapped and all information encoded in the computer, before the car drives off. The rest can handle it myself.

Google is far ahead with developing an autonomous car that has traveled long distances on their own. Before Google car sent off on a-good time, have your route mapped exactly.
Road markings, signs and other important information is encoded in the computer so that the car has a few fixed points. Then handle the rest yourself using GPS, an advanced laser, four radars and a video camera

Robotic vehicle equipment

  • GPS displays the car’s position
  • A video camera mounted at the side of the rearview mirror keeps an eye on traffic and record moving objects, especially pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Four radar helps to uncover obstacles. Three of them are mounted at the front of the car, while the fourth is at the back. The radar works by capturing reflected radio waves.
  • A rotating laser on the car roof depicts the environment by emitting an infrared, invisible laser beam and measure how long it takes to get in return. Range: 70 meters.
  • The computer collects all information from the various sensors and compares the running of the process data that has been obtained in advance. The computer controls the speed, steering and brakes, and with the right software guiding the car safely to the finish.

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Client Testimonials

"I had to return my car to the dealer for my end-of-lease and Matthew completely detailed and shampooed my car. Best service I ever received. Definitely will come back!"

- Hans Desjarlais


"I hadn't cleaned my car in over 5 years. It's been over two weeks now and it still smells brand new and looks great! The service was super friendly and efficient."

- Melissa Santori-Sansfacon