July 17, 2018

Car detailing of classic cars

A semi-tailored all-weather cover for protecting the hoods of convertible classic cars left outside has been launched by Hamilton Classic.

The cover is made of a Moltex material which is both waterproof and breathable, and incorporates four straps with buckles and hooks which can be secured to any type of classic car wheel. There are also additional straps for fitting to the underside of the car to ensure a tight fit.

Another feature is that the cover is light and small, and can therefore be easily stowed in its storage bag for taking to outdoor events or when a car is to be left outside on a trip.

Hamilton Classic Managing Director Alastair Flack said: “Many classic car hoods do not seal 100 per cent, and so allow moisture to seep into the vehicle – and any classic car owner will tell you that moisture is the interior’s worst enemy.

“Being breathable, the Hamilton cover can be put on even a wet hood, whilst the straps ensure a tight fit to prevent rain getting underneath and also to avoid it being lifted or damaged in high winds. It is effective in all weathers.”

The cover can also be used as protection against overnight frost.

Rather than being simply a square piece of material, the cover is shaped to be a good fit on the roof, windscreen and windows. It comes in three sizes, and is priced at £29.95 (suitable for many classics, including most MG and Triumph models), £34.95 (Porsche 911) and £39.95 for larger convertibles such as Mercedes-Benz.

Information and delivery details are available from Hamilton Classic on 0870 204 8080 (www.hamiltonclassic.co.uk).

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