July 17, 2018

Car detailing of classic cars

Future autonomous car have blinds in the windows, wireless charging of mobile phones and laser scanners on the roof. The car Rinspeed Budii display at a major exhibition in Geneva during the next two weeks.

Imagine that you run into on the highway in your car. Traffic is flowing in nicely as you release the steering wheel that pulls back and thanks to a robotic arm with seven joints place themselves at your feet.
The car takes over the steering while you turn on a fan-shaped blind that slides the windows and shut out prying eyes. You’re looking out your laptop and start working.
Swiss Rinspeed is known for building heavy and experimental cars and their latest concept – the self-driving car Budii – is no exception.


A fan-shaped blind can unfold in the windows and protect passenger privacy when the car driving through the scanner.

A fan-shaped blind can unfold in the windows and protect passenger privacy when the car driving through the scanner.

Autonomous car is based on BMW technology

Budii shown to the public for the first time this week as Europe’s most important car show will be held in Geneva. The exhibition is open until March 15.
The model builds on the little electric car i3 from the German BMW, as the Swiss have been reorganized into a self-running showcase for the future of automotive technology.
Autonomous car with a laser scanner

The self-driving car navigating the roads using a laser scanner mounted on a telescopic pole on the car roof.
The scanner works together with a high resolution camera and map the terrain, so that in addition to avoiding obstacles also can adjust the car’s suspension depending on the road conditions.

From autonomous car to LHD at a glance

When traffic conditions are too complicated for the technology – or when the driver simply prefer to drive yourself – called dial up from its sleep mode.
When the steering wheel is mounted on the end of a centrally located, flexible robotic arm, passengers can choose freely whether it is the person on the right or left side to take over control.
No self-driving be from Rinspeed than

Budii shell is seen as a showcase of future technologies and marketed thus not as autonomous car in its current form.
While the robot arm and the freely moving wheel enough to be placed in the department of creative elements, contains Budii also more comprehensible technology, which can be introduced in cars shortly.
For example, accommodates the small glove compartments in the car induction charging, which means that you can charge your phone wirelessly if you place it in one of the slots.
Several barriers to self-driving cars

Rinspeed is just one of several producers working on an autonomous car. But the challenges are many, for example, cars should learn to differentiate between pedestrians, warning triangles and crumpled papers


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